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Cellosaurus P3X63Ag8U.1 (CVCL_3412)

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Cell line name P3X63Ag8U.1
Synonyms P3-X63-Ag8-U1; P3-X63-Ag8.U1; P3-X63.Ag8.U1; P3X63-Ag8-U1; P3X63Ag8-U1; P3X63Ag8.U1; P3.x63.Ag8.U1; P3U1; P3UI; P3U-1; P3-U1
Accession CVCL_3412
Secondary accession CVCL_4268
Resource Identification Initiative To cite this cell line use: P3X63Ag8U.1 (RRID:CVCL_3412)
Comments Group: Hybridoma fusion partner cell line.
Selected for resistance to: ChEBI; CHEBI:63486; 8-azaguanine.
Disease Mouse plasma cell myeloma (NCIt: C125417)
Species of origin Mus musculus (Mouse) (NCBI Taxonomy: 10090)
Breed/subspecies: BALB/c.
Hierarchy Parent: CVCL_3411 (P3X63Ag8)
CVCL_H997 (10C4.1.3 )CVCL_H998 (10H2.12.1 )CVCL_J064 (15-1-5P )
CVCL_IQ41 (15B3 )CVCL_A6KQ (182-D1106-055 )CVCL_A6KR (182-D1106-056 )
CVCL_A6KS (182-D1106-057 )CVCL_A6KT (182-D1106-058 )CVCL_A6KU (182-D1106-059 )
CVCL_A6LA (182-D1106-061 )CVCL_A6KV (182-D1106-062 )CVCL_A6KW (182-D1106-067 )
CVCL_A6LB (182-D1106-279 )CVCL_A6LC (182-D1106-294 )CVCL_A6LD (182-D1106-362 )
CVCL_A6KX (182-D758-035 )CVCL_A6KY (182-D758-036 )CVCL_A6KZ (182-D758-040 )
CVCL_H999 (1A3.3.13 )CVCL_A7DJ (1E7 [Mouse hybridoma against mouse Celf3] )CVCL_J986 (1G10.1.5 )
CVCL_B0JZ (1G3 [Mouse hybridoma against human FOLH1] )CVCL_B6G4 (1G6 )CVCL_B0K0 (1G9 )
CVCL_B0EB (1H5.25.9 )CVCL_9148 (2.4G2 )CVCL_A7VJ (2A10 )
CVCL_B6G5 (2A8 )CVCL_B0K1 (2C7 [Mouse hybridoma against human FOLH1] )CVCL_A7VR (2F2 [Mouse hybridoma against P.vivax csp] )
CVCL_J704 (2F8 [Mouse hybridoma against human OXTR] )CVCL_A0QQ (30G8 )CVCL_9159 (33D1 )
CVCL_IQ40 (34C9 )CVCL_A0QR (34H1 )CVCL_A0QS (35A6 )
CVCL_A0QT (35H5 )CVCL_A0QU (38B7 )CVCL_A0QV (39E8 )
CVCL_J721 (3A21 )CVCL_J000 (3C10 [Mouse hybridoma against human CD14] )CVCL_B0K2 (3C2 [Mouse hybridoma against human FOLH1] )
CVCL_B0K3 (3C4 [Mouse hybridoma against human FOLH1] )CVCL_B0K4 (3C6 [Mouse hybridoma against human FOLH1] )CVCL_B6N0 (3C6.4.2 )
CVCL_B0K5 (3C9 )CVCL_A7VE (3D11 [Mouse hybridoma against P.berghei csp] )CVCL_B0EM (3D5.1.10 )
CVCL_B0K6 (3D7-1.1 )CVCL_B0K7 (3E11 )CVCL_B0K8 (3E6 [Mouse hybridoma against human FOLH1] )
CVCL_DN55 (3F5.4G6 )CVCL_B6G6 (3G10 )CVCL_B0K9 (3G6 [Mouse hybridoma against human FOLH1] )
CVCL_B0EK (3H1.18.10 )CVCL_B0EL (3H3.14.5 )CVCL_J048 (4B2 [Mouse hybridoma against human PTPRC] )
CVCL_B6G7 (4B9 [Mouse hybridoma against saikosaponins A/C] )CVCL_J987 (4C7.2.1 )CVCL_B0KA (4C8B9 )
CVCL_J001 (4D1.5.7 )CVCL_B0KB (4D4 [Mouse hybridoma against human FOLH1] )CVCL_B0KC (4D8 )
CVCL_A9PB (4E1-7 )CVCL_B0KD (4E10-1.14 )CVCL_B0EC (4E7.24.3 )
CVCL_C560 (4G12 [Mouse hybridoma against human 65 kDa glycoprotein] )CVCL_B0ED (4G7.18.8 )CVCL_B0EE (4H6.17.8 )
CVCL_C0BW (5B14 )CVCL_J988 (5B6.3.10 )CVCL_J002 (5D5.11.6 )
CVCL_B6N1 (5E11.1.2 )CVCL_B6N2 (5E8.7.4 )CVCL_B0EF (5G11.17.1 )
CVCL_XK20 (5G7 )CVCL_B6N3 (5G8.2.2 )CVCL_WZ40 (6B3 [Mouse hybridoma against human LGALS3BP] )
CVCL_J989 (6D11.3.1 )CVCL_J003 (6G4.2.5 )CVCL_IQ39 (6H4 )
CVCL_XX88 (6H7 )CVCL_J049 (71A7 )CVCL_J990 (7B6.15.11 )
CVCL_J739 (9.3F10 )CVCL_M908 (9D4.9.1 )CVCL_B6LS (9F )
CVCL_M909 (9G2.1.3 )CVCL_J004 (A5.12.14 )CVCL_2573 (AF-2 clone 9B5 )
CVCL_A7DK (Anti-6330403k07Rik )CVCL_U830 (anti-alphaA-crystallin )CVCL_U813 (anti-alphaB-crystallin )
CVCL_U826 (anti-beta5-crystallin )CVCL_U827 (anti-beta6-crystallin )CVCL_WI43 (anti-beta8-crystallin )
CVCL_U829 (anti-delta-crystallin )CVCL_A7DL (Anti-Dgcr14 )CVCL_U828 (anti-gamma1-crystallin )
CVCL_XE24 (Ax223 )CVCL_XE25 (Ax225 )CVCL_XE26 (Ax232 )
CVCL_XE27 (Ax258 )CVCL_XE28 (Ax284 )CVCL_XE29 (Ax285 )
CVCL_XE30 (Ax292 )CVCL_XE31 (Ax51 )CVCL_XE32 (Ax7 )
CVCL_XE33 (Ax96 )CVCL_9164 (B21-2 )CVCL_C0BX (BAB281 )
CVCL_U122 (BBWV-22K3-9B )CVCL_U123 (BBWV-22K5-12A )CVCL_U124 (BBWV-22K6-2A )
CVCL_A8V2 (C20Mab-11 )CVCL_A8V3 (C20Mab-60 )CVCL_B6D6 (CG1/1 )
CVCL_B6D8 (CG12 )CVCL_B6DA (CG13/14/2 )CVCL_B6DG (CG14/3/1 )
CVCL_B6D7 (CG2/2D )CVCL_B6DF (CG3/12/26 )CVCL_B6DB (CG31 )
CVCL_B6DC (CG41/44/11 )CVCL_B6DD (CG49 )CVCL_B6DE (CG53/2/4 )
CVCL_B6D9 (CG7 )CVCL_B6DH (CM1/33 )CVCL_B6DK (CM11/33 )
CVCL_B6DL (CM23/24 )CVCL_B6DI (CM3/5/3 )CVCL_B6DJ (CM5/57 )
CVCL_U814 (D134 )CVCL_U815 (D16 [Mouse hybridoma against H.crassispina dynein IC3] )CVCL_U816 (D264 )
CVCL_U817 (D308 )CVCL_U818 (D52 )CVCL_U819 (D58 )
CVCL_J011 (D8/17 )CVCL_U820 (D9 )CVCL_U663 (DA-3 [Mouse hybridoma against domoic acid] )
CVCL_A1KJ (Ep-C4 )CVCL_A9J9 (F3-B2 )CVCL_XA78 (FIB1-11 )
CVCL_XA79 (FIB2-11 )CVCL_A5WZ (FU-MK-1 )CVCL_T774 (G1MF285D )
CVCL_6F34 (gamma2-11.1 )CVCL_2770 (gamma3-11.1 )CVCL_C0BY (GL183 )
CVCL_U188 (HH13-1 )CVCL_U189 (HH17-4 )CVCL_9V73 (HM-5 [Human/mouse heteromyeloma] )
CVCL_KR85 (HS-7 )CVCL_0339 (IB4 )CVCL_A1LP (ITK-2 )
CVCL_A1LQ (ITK-3 )CVCL_B0PV (KM-10 )CVCL_J012 (L11/135 )
CVCL_C0BZ (L14 [Mouse hybridoma against human NECTIN2] )CVCL_C0C0 (L95 )CVCL_XC23 (LCDV-E1 )
CVCL_KA00 (M2590 )CVCL_C0C1 (M2C24, )CVCL_KA01 (M562 )
CVCL_C0C2 (M5A10 )CVCL_KA02 (M622 )CVCL_C0C3 (MA127 [Mouse hybridoma against human SLAMF6] )
CVCL_KB25 (MBr1 )CVCL_7201 (MH60.BSF2 )CVCL_CW88 (MIH5 )
CVCL_CW89 (MIH6 )CVCL_U130 (MVP1 )CVCL_U131 (MVP25 )
CVCL_U132 (MVP47 )CVCL_U133 (MVP49 )CVCL_U134 (MVP51 )
CVCL_B6XX (N6HB426-20 )CVCL_C3BP (NA-6 )CVCL_A6WZ (NCC-CAD-299 )
CVCL_A6XA (NCD-2 )CVCL_YA16 (NZ-1.2 )CVCL_G132 (OKM1 )
CVCL_2662 (OKT 1 )CVCL_2663 (OKT 10 )CVCL_2664 (OKT 11 )
CVCL_2665 (OKT 3 )CVCL_2666 (OKT 4 )CVCL_2667 (OKT 5 )
CVCL_2668 (OKT 6 )CVCL_2669 (OKT 8 )CVCL_2670 (OKT 9 )
CVCL_L098 (OM1 )CVCL_L099 (OM2 )CVCL_L097 (OM3 )
CVCL_L100 (OM4 )CVCL_A6XB (PCD-1 )CVCL_XC30 (PE 9 )
CVCL_XC31 (PG 11 )CVCL_YA15 (PMab-1 )CVCL_UG46 (PMab-202 )
CVCL_YA06 (PMab-219 )CVCL_DN67 (PSM-P12 )CVCL_9233 (R4-6A2 )
CVCL_YQ11 (rSN-122 )CVCL_YQ12 (rSN-150 )CVCL_YQ10 (rSN-18 )
CVCL_YQ13 (rSN-21-2 )CVCL_YQ14 (rSN-29 )CVCL_LK87 (T1-18 )
CVCL_A6ZU (T49-25 )CVCL_UD60 (TCC56 )CVCL_A7BN (TFL-21-7G )
CVCL_JX83 (TFS-1 )CVCL_J858 (TFS-2 )CVCL_JX84 (TFS-3 )
CVCL_J859 (TFS-4 )CVCL_F246 (TM 902 )CVCL_F247 (TM 903 )
CVCL_XA80 (TPA1-148 )CVCL_XA81 (TPA1-39 )CVCL_XA82 (TPA1-41 )
CVCL_XA83 (TPA1-70 )CVCL_XA84 (TPA2-135 )CVCL_XA85 (TPA2-14 )
CVCL_XA86 (TPA2-6 )CVCL_B0XH (Trk27 )CVCL_B0XI (Trk49 )
CVCL_B0XJ (Trk62 )CVCL_B0XK (Trk73 )CVCL_B7JQ (TrMab-29 )
CVCL_B7JR (TrMab-6 )CVCL_K256 (TX-7F )CVCL_CW90 (TY25 )
CVCL_XA87 (UK1-3 )CVCL_XA88 (UK1-6 )CVCL_XA89 (UK1-87 )
CVCL_E987 (YI 328-18 )CVCL_E988 (YI 328-51 )
Sex of cell Female
Category Cancer cell line
Cell line collections ATCC; CRL-1597
ECACC; 85011417
ECACC; 94120802
ICLC; ATL96012
NCBI_Iran; C579
Cell line databases/resources CLO; CLO_0008333
CLO; CLO_0008336
CLDB; cl3839
CLDB; cl3847
CLDB; cl3848
CLDB; cl3849
CLDB; cl3850
Encyclopedic resources Wikidata; Q54937289
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Entry creation04-Apr-2012
Last entry update23-Sep-2021
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