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Cellosaurus search result: 9 hits for "MYC genetic alteration cell panel (ATCC TCP-1035)"

CVCL_1101CA46Homo sapiens (Human)
CVCL_0002HL-60Homo sapiens (Human)
CVCL_1430MSTO-211HHomo sapiens (Human)
CVCL_1562NCI-H446Homo sapiens (Human)
CVCL_1591NCI-H82Homo sapiens (Human)
CVCL_1600NCI-H929Homo sapiens (Human)
CVCL_2676P3HR-1Homo sapiens (Human)
CVCL_0076SNU-16Homo sapiens (Human)
CVCL_1712ST486Homo sapiens (Human)