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Publication number CLPUB00659
Authors Turner-Gillies E., Shapiro B.A., Tian F.
Title Generation of cell lines capable of producing high-titer viral stocks for use in vaccine manufacture and gene therapy.
Citation (In) ATCC application note AP-082021-v01; pp.1-8; ATCC; Manassas (2021)
Web pages https://www.atcc.org/resources/application-notes/generation-of-cell-lines-capable-of-producing-high-titer-viral-stocks
Abstract Antiviral vaccines are essential for preventing epidemic disease; however, the production of these therapeutics is often limited by low-yielding manufacturing processes. Similarly, the development of gene therapies is constrained during the large-scale production of viral vectors, such as adeno-associated virus (AAV) delivery platforms for gene transfer. To speed the pace of these various areas of bioproduction, ATCC addressed the need for efficient viral replication by optimizing three cell lines commonly used in virus manufacturing. Here, we used CRISPR/Cas9 gene- editing technology to develop STAT1 and BAX knockout cell lines capable of producing high-titer viral stocks. These newly created cell lines can produce model clinical viruses and adeno-associated viruses at titers much higher than the parental cell lines, providing an efficient method for biopharmaceutical companies to increase production while reducing associated costs.
Cell lines CVCL_B0NB; 293.STAT1 BAX KO