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Cellosaurus search result: 16 hits for "Sardinian population of great age"

CVCL_0L69AG14612Homo sapiens (Human)
CVCL_0L70AG14613Homo sapiens (Human)
CVCL_0L71AG14614Homo sapiens (Human)
CVCL_0L72AG14615Homo sapiens (Human)
CVCL_0L73AG14616Homo sapiens (Human)
CVCL_0L74AG14617Homo sapiens (Human)
CVCL_0L75AG14735Homo sapiens (Human)
CVCL_0L76AG14737Homo sapiens (Human)
CVCL_0L77AG14738Homo sapiens (Human)
CVCL_0L78AG14739Homo sapiens (Human)
CVCL_0L79AG14740Homo sapiens (Human)
CVCL_0L80AG14741Homo sapiens (Human)
CVCL_0L81AG14742Homo sapiens (Human)
CVCL_0L82AG14743Homo sapiens (Human)
CVCL_0L83AG14744Homo sapiens (Human)
CVCL_0L84AG14745Homo sapiens (Human)