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Cellosaurus publication CLPUB00640

Publication number CLPUB00640
Authors Szybalski W., Szybalska E.H., Ragni G.
Title Genetic studies with human cell lines.
Citation Natl. Cancer Inst. Monogr. 7:75-89(1962)
Abstract In 1958-59 we reported on our first attempt to develop a usable system of markers for quantitative genetic studies employing human cell cultures. Two sequential mutant lines were isolated, the first D98/AG, with approximately 100-fold increased resistance to 8-azaguanine (AG) but retaining sensitivity to 8-azaguanosine (AGR), and the second D98/AGR, with 60-fold higher resistance to AGR. The mutation rates from the parental line D98S to D98/AG and from D98/AG to D98/AGR were determined, and the effect of ultraviolet light (UV) on one of these mutational events was examined. Since that time this mutational system has been further extended and refined, the enzymatic basis of the mutant phenotypes elucidated, and the system evaluated for a variety of genetic applications, including mutagenicity and DNA mediated transformation studies.
Cell lines CVCL_8192; Detroit 98S
CVCL_8189; Detroit 98/AG
CVCL_A9AQ; Detroit 98/AGR
CVCL_U961; Detroit 98/AH
CVCL_8191; Detroit 98/AH-R