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Publication number CLPUB00445
Authors Shchelkunova T.I.
Title Transplantable cell lines from carp (Cyprinus carpio) and Siberian sturgeon (Acipenser baeri) -- their use in ichthyovirology.
Citation Thesis PhD (2008), All Russian Scientific Research Institute of Experimental Veterinary Science, Russia
Web pages http://earthpapers.net/perevivaemye-linii-kletok-karpa-cyprinus-carpio-i-sibirskogo-osetra-acipenser-baeri-ih-ispolzovanie-v-ihtiovirusologii
Abstract The aim of this work is to obtain transplantable carp lines (Cyprius carpio) and Siberian sturgeon (Acipenser baeri) and to assess the possibility of their use for virological studies of fish. To achieve this goal, it was necessary to solve the following tasks: to explant and maintain for a long time the cells of the ovarian tissue of carp, parenchymal organs and fins of Siberian sturgeon in their primary culture for use as a starting material in the production of transfected cell lines. We establishd a transplantable line of ovary cells of immature carp, transplantable cell lines of a pool of parenchymal organs and fins of Siberian sturgeon, we determined the sensitivity of the resulting cell lines to widespread fish viruses of different taxonomic groups, we carred out the certification of the obtained cell lines and deposited them in the Russian collection of cell cultures.
Cell lines CVCL_UC80; ICO
CVCL_L009; SSF-1
CVCL_L010; SSF-2
CVCL_6E45; SSO-2