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Publication number CLPUB00319
Authors Samid D., Mandler R.
Title Human osteosarcoma cells transformed by ras-oncogenes: a new model for in vivo studies of pulmonary metastasis.
Citation Clin. Biotechnol. 1:21-26(1989)
Abstract Hematogenous metastasis to the lungs is a major complication in patients with different types of sarcomas. Investigations of the mechanisms of tumor spread and the search for new treatment modalities have been hindered by the lack of appropriate in vivo model systems. We have now established such a model involving the experimental metastasis of human osteosarcoma (HOS) cells in immunodeficient nude mice. Malignant subdones were isolated from HOS cells transformed by either the viral Ki-ras or a mutated cellular Ha-ras oncogene. The ras transformants, unlike most other human malignancies, were capable of forming pulmonary metastases following intravenous transplantation into mice, an assay that mimics the later events of blood-borne metastasis. One of the v-Ki-ras-transformed cell lines, designated KRIB, formed lung tumors in 80%-100% of recipient mice with a median number of 20 nodules per animal. The tumors, composed of poorly differentiated human sarcoma cells, were easily detected as macroscopic nodules within 5 weeks post inoculation. Detection and isolation of metastatic cells from cultured lung tissue was improved by the use of selectable geneticin-resistant KRIB cells, obtained by transfection with pSV2neo DNA. The ability to test the metastatic potential of human KRIB sarcoma cells in mice makes this model valuable for both basic and applied research on factors affecting tumor dissemination to the lungs.
Cell lines CVCL_AU05; KRIB