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Cellosaurus publication CLPUB00086

Publication number CLPUB00086
Authors Miyake S., Shimo T., Kitamura Y., Nojyo T., Nakamura S., Imashuku S., Abe T.
Title Characteristics of continuous and functional cell line NB-I, derived from a human neuroblastoma.
Citation Jiritsu Shinkei 10:115-120(1973)
Abstract NB-I is a continuous and functional cell line of hypodipolidy, bearing two marker chromosomes typical of this line, obtained from metastatic neck lymph node of a human neuroblastoma. The cells were exponentially proliferated in 20% fetal calf serum in Eagle's MEM, in floating and/or attached types. This line grew in soft agar media. Plating efficiency increased in paraller with cell numbers in inoculum. The floating cell were ligh-refractile, spherical in shape, with tendency to cluster and estimated to be a blast type. The attached cells made up fine mesh works on glass surface connected each other with slender processes, defined as a differentiated and mature type. Growth curves of both cells were somewhat different, i.e., the former grew rapidly and the latter slowly. The generation time of both cells in toto showed Tg = 29.6 hr, Ts = 13.2 hr by means of 3H-TdR autoradiography. The cell processes were stained brownish in color by Bodian's method and electromicroscopic studies revealed that they contained small number of microtubules. The paperchrom tographic investigation of cultured media, treated by 3H-tyrosine in advance, indicated that DOPA and HVA was synthesized in cells in vitro. Histochemically, cultured cells revealed positive catecholamine fluorescense and monoamine oxidase activity. It is concluded that this line is derived from malignant sympathetic neurons.
Cell lines CVCL_1440; NB1