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Cellosaurus publication CLPUB00074

Publication number CLPUB00074
Authors Kurayama H., Ogata S., Nanba M., Ikeguchi S., Takaoka T., Shida S.
Title Establishment of a new cell line secreting colony stimulating factor and growth inhibiting factor from metastatic lymph nodes of a rat.
Citation Dokkyo J. Med. Sci. 13:9-13(1986)
Web pages https://jglobal.jst.go.jp/en/detail?JGLOBAL_ID=200902071698605541
Abstract A new tissue culture cell line (LYM-1) has been established from metastatic lymph nodes of a rat, bearing colon cancer. The cancer was produced by N-methyl-N'-nitro-N-nitrosourea treatment. Morphological appearance of LYM-1 cells suggests that this cell line might consist of a mixed population of fibroblast-and histiocyte-like cells. LYM-1 cells released two kinds of factors; colony-stimulating factor and growth- inhibiting factor. The colonystimulating factor stimulated the formation of macrophage and granulocyte colonies. The growth-inhibiting factor inhibited the growth of JTC-16 cells derived from the rat ascites hepatoma AH-7974.
Cell lines CVCL_4859; LYM-1