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Cellosaurus publication CLPUB00037

Publication number CLPUB00037
Authors Freund M., Kleine H.D., Lux E., Exeriede G., Hanauske A.-R., Herbst H., Vainchenker W., Schweigerer L., Fonatsch C., Poliwoda H.
Title ELF-153: a novel cell line derived from a patient with acute myelofibrosis and AML.
Citation Blut 61:128-128(1990)
Abstract A novel GM-CSF dependent cell line derived from a patient with acute myelofibrosis and subsequent overt AML M1 FAB has been established. Cytochemistry of ELF-153 is undifferentiated. Surface markers are: CD33 93%, CD34 99%, CDw41 72%, CD7 46%, CDw42b 7%. Electron microscopy shows a clear megakaryocytic component with demarkation membranes in mature cells. Cytogenetics was identical to that of the patient and revealed a monosomy 7, 14 and 17, a deletion (5)(q13q31), and t(12;14) (p11.2;q11.2). The supernatant of ELF-153 stimulates the growth of NRK-49F fibroblasts in a cloning assay and the growth of bovine endothelial cells. It stimulates HEL cells to secrete IL-6. In co-cultivation ELF-153 adheres to fibroblasts and endothelial cells. After subcutaneous injection into nude mice a formation of tumors with a rigid texture was observed. Histological examination demonstrated a dense infiltration by blast cells, and a pronounced reticular fibrosis consisting exclusively of collagen III. The cell line ELF 153-GM will facilitate research on the interrelationship of malignant hemopoiesis and its stroma.
Cell lines CVCL_2031; ELF-153