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Cellosaurus ES-E14 (CVCL_C320)

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Cell line name ES-E14
Synonyms E14; E-14; ES (E14)
Accession CVCL_C320
Resource Identification Initiative To cite this cell line use: ES-E14 (RRID:CVCL_C320)
Comments Part of: ENCODE project mouse cell lines.
Omics: DNA methylation analysis.
Omics: Genome sequenced.
Omics: H3K27ac ChIP-seq epigenome analysis.
Omics: H3K27me3 ChIP-seq epigenome analysis.
Omics: H3K36me3 ChIP-seq epigenome analysis.
Omics: H3K4me1 ChIP-seq epigenome analysis.
Omics: H3K4me3 ChIP-seq epigenome analysis.
Omics: H3K9ac ChIP-seq epigenome analysis.
Omics: H3K9me2 ChIP-seq epigenome analysis.
Omics: H3K9me3 ChIP-seq epigenome analysis.
Omics: Transcriptome analysis by microarray.
Derived from site: In situ; Blastocyst; UBERON=UBERON_0000358.
Cell type: Embryonic stem cell; CL=CL_0002322.
Species of origin Mus musculus (Mouse) (NCBI Taxonomy: 10090)
Breed/subspecies: 129P2/Ola.
Hierarchy Children:
CVCL_X727 (E14-nlsrtTA-7)CVCL_RY78 (EC-Acvrl1tm1Dgen)CVCL_RY79 (EC-Adam21tm1Dgen)
CVCL_RY80 (EC-Adamts4tm1Dgen)CVCL_RY81 (EC-Adamts5tm1Dgen)CVCL_RY82 (EC-Adcy3tm1Dgen)
CVCL_RY83 (EC-Adcy7tm1Dgen)CVCL_RY84 (EC-Adipor2tm1Dgen)CVCL_RY85 (EC-Atp8a1tm1Dgen)
CVCL_RY86 (EC-Avpr1atm1Dgen)CVCL_RY87 (EC-Axltm1Dgen)CVCL_RY88 (EC-Birc1atm1Dgen)
CVCL_RY89 (EC-Cacna1ctm1Dgen)CVCL_RY90 (EC-Cacna2d3tm1Dgen)CVCL_RY91 (EC-Cacng3tm1Dgen)
CVCL_RY92 (EC-Cacng4tm1Dgen)CVCL_RY93 (EC-Capn5tm1Dgen)CVCL_RY94 (EC-Capn7tm1Dgen)
CVCL_RY95 (EC-Ccr1l1tm1Dgen)CVCL_RY96 (EC-Ccr6tm1Dgen)CVCL_RY97 (EC-Ccr7tm1Dgen)
CVCL_RY98 (EC-Ccrl2tm1Dgen)CVCL_RY99 (EC-Cd97tm1Dgen)CVCL_RZ00 (EC-Celsr2tm1Dgen)
CVCL_RZ01 (EC-Cer1tm1Dgen)CVCL_RZ02 (EC-Chrna2tm1Dgen)CVCL_RZ03 (EC-Cnr2tm1Dgen)
CVCL_RZ04 (EC-Ctsctm1Dgen)CVCL_RZ05 (EC-Cxcr3tm1Dgen)CVCL_RZ06 (EC-Drd5tm1Dgen)
CVCL_RZ07 (EC-Efemp2tm1Dgen)CVCL_RZ08 (EC-Esrratm1Dgen)CVCL_RZ09 (EC-Faim2tm1Dgen)
CVCL_RZ10 (EC-Fzd1tm1Dgen)CVCL_RZ11 (EC-Fzd8tm1Dgen)CVCL_RZ12 (EC-Gabra3tm1Dgen)
CVCL_RZ13 (EC-Gabra4tm1Dgen)CVCL_RZ14 (EC-Gabrptm1Dgen)CVCL_RZ15 (EC-Galr1tm1Dgen)
CVCL_RZ16 (EC-Glra3tm1Dgen)CVCL_RZ17 (EC-Gpr151tm1Dgen)CVCL_RZ18 (EC-Gpr37tm1Dgen)
CVCL_RZ19 (EC-Gpr6tm1Dgen)CVCL_RZ20 (EC-Gprk5tm1Dgen)CVCL_RZ21 (EC-Grik5tm1Dgen)
CVCL_RZ22 (EC-Grm1tm1Dgen)CVCL_RZ23 (EC-Grm3tm1Dgen)CVCL_RZ24 (EC-Gsk3btm1Dgen)
CVCL_RZ25 (EC-Hcrtr1tm1Dgen)CVCL_RZ26 (EC-Htr4tm1Dgen)CVCL_RZ27 (EC-Htr5atm1Dgen)
CVCL_RZ28 (EC-Htr7tm1Dgen)CVCL_RZ29 (EC-Il8ratm1Dgen)CVCL_RZ30 (EC-Insl5tm1Dgen)
CVCL_RZ31 (EC-Kcnq2tm1Dgen)CVCL_RZ32 (EC-Lats2tm1Dgen)CVCL_RZ33 (EC-Lmbr1tm1Dgen)
CVCL_RZ34 (EC-Lrp5tm1Dgen)CVCL_RZ35 (EC-Mapkapk2tm1Dgen)CVCL_RZ36 (EC-Mmp17tm1Dgen)
CVCL_RZ37 (EC-Mtmr1tm1Dgen)CVCL_RZ38 (EC-Ntsr1tm1Dgen)CVCL_RZ39 (EC-Pkd2l2tm1Dgen)
CVCL_RZ40 (EC-Ppardtm1Dgen)CVCL_RZ41 (EC-Ppm1ftm1Dgen)CVCL_RZ42 (EC-Ptch2tm1Dgen)
CVCL_RZ43 (EC-Ptprotm1Dgen)CVCL_RZ44 (EC-Rgs4tm1Dgen)CVCL_RZ45 (EC-S1pr4tm1Dgen)
CVCL_RZ46 (EC-Scn11atm1Dgen)CVCL_RZ47 (EC-Scn9atm1Dgen)CVCL_RZ48 (EC-Sema5atm1Dgen)
CVCL_RZ49 (EC-Sema6ctm1Dgen)CVCL_RZ50 (EC-Slc18a1tm1Dgen)CVCL_RZ51 (EC-Slc22a12tm1Dgen)
CVCL_RZ65 (EC-Slc22a6tm1Dgen)CVCL_RZ52 (EC-Slc6a9tm1Dgen)CVCL_RZ53 (EC-Slc7a8tm1Dgen)
CVCL_RZ54 (EC-Slc9a6tm1Dgen)CVCL_RZ55 (EC-Sstr1tm1Dgen)CVCL_RZ56 (EC-Tgfbr1tm1Dgen)
CVCL_RZ57 (EC-Thbs4tm1Dgen)CVCL_RZ58 (EC-Tlr2tm1Dgen)CVCL_RZ59 (EC-Tmprss11atm1Dgen)
CVCL_RZ60 (EC-Tmprss13tm1Dgen)CVCL_RZ61 (EC-Tpp1tm1Dgen)CVCL_RZ62 (EC-Trpm5tm1Dgen)
CVCL_RZ63 (EC-Xcr1tm1Dgen)CVCL_VC44 (ES-E14 MLL3,MLL4 DKO)CVCL_9108 (ES-E14TG2a)
Sex of cell Male
Age at sampling Blastocyst stage
Category Embryonic stem cell
Web pages http://genome.ucsc.edu/ENCODE/protocols/cell/mouse/ES-E14_Stam_protocol.pdf

PubMed=3821905; DOI=10.1038/326292a0
Hooper M.L., Hardy K., Handyside A., Hunter S., Monk M.
HPRT-deficient (Lesch-Nyhan) mouse embryos derived from germline colonization by cultured cells.
Nature 326:292-295(1987)

PubMed=19581487; DOI=10.1101/gr.092643.109
Marks H., Chow J.C., Denissov S., Francoijs K.-J., Brockdorff N., Heard E., Stunnenberg H.G.
High-resolution analysis of epigenetic changes associated with X inactivation.
Genome Res. 19:1361-1373(2009)

PubMed=23850244; DOI=10.1016/j.stem.2013.06.002
Habibi E., Brinkman A.B., Arand J., Kroeze L.I., Kerstens H.H.D., Matarese F., Lepikhov K., Gut M., Brun-Heath I., Hubner N.C., Benedetti R., Altucci L., Jansen J.H., Walter J., Gut I.G., Marks H., Stunnenberg H.G.
Whole-genome bisulfite sequencing of two distinct interconvertible DNA methylomes of mouse embryonic stem cells.
Cell Stem Cell 13:360-369(2013)

PubMed=25004115; DOI=10.1016/j.ygeno.2014.06.007
Incarnato D., Krepelova A., Neri F.
High-throughput single nucleotide variant discovery in E14 mouse embryonic stem cells provides a new reference genome assembly.
Genomics 104:121-127(2014)

PubMed=26484140; DOI=10.1016/j.gdata.2014.10.023
Incarnato D., Neri F.
High-throughput whole-genome sequencing of E14 mouse embryonic stem cells.
Genomics Data 3:6-7(2015)

Anatomy/cell type resources BTO; BTO:0005136
Biological sample resources 4DN; 4DNSRR6CIPYP
BioSamples; SAMEA2155660
Encyclopedic resources Wikidata; Q54832448
Experimental variables resources EFO; EFO_0007075
Gene expression databases GEO; GSE53149
GEO; GSM344759
GEO; GSM344760
GEO; GSM397410
GEO; GSM397411
GEO; GSM413111
GEO; GSM413112
GEO; GSM413113
GEO; GSM413117
GEO; GSM413118
GEO; GSM413119
GEO; GSM413123
GEO; GSM413124
GEO; GSM413125
GEO; GSM413129
GEO; GSM413130
GEO; GSM413131
GEO; GSM413135
GEO; GSM413136
GEO; GSM413137
GEO; GSM413141
GEO; GSM413142
GEO; GSM413143
GEO; GSM413147
GEO; GSM413148
GEO; GSM413149
GEO; GSM413153
GEO; GSM413154
GEO; GSM413155
GEO; GSM1000121
GEO; GSM1000123
GEO; GSM1000124
GEO; GSM1000125
GEO; GSM1000126
GEO; GSM1003750
GEO; GSM1003751
GEO; GSM1003756
GEO; GSM1003799
GEO; GSM1003807
GEO; GSM1003809
GEO; GSM1003810
GEO; GSM1014154
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Entry creation22-Oct-2012
Last entry update29-Jun-2023
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