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Cellosaurus publication CLPUB00742

Publication number CLPUB00742
Authors Schwobel W., Siedentopf V.
Title Characterization of a three-year-old cell strain from pig kidneys and studies of its behavior towards the foot-and-mouth disease virus.
Citation Zentralbl. Bakteriol. Orig. A. 181:3-16(1961)
Abstract Cultivated cells as a substrate for virus replication are now an important basis for a wide variety of experiments with viruses and for the problems associated with them. Depending on the objective of the experiment and other circumstances, either primary cultures are used for this purpose, i. e. cultures established with cells freshly isolated from organs, or cultures of passaged cell strains. As will be explained later, cell strain cultures offer a number of fundamental advantages over freshly grown cultures. However, our experience of handling cell strains, especially of the changes that cultures can experience in the course of long-term passages in vitro and their causes, is still incomplete. The following description of a three-year-old cell strain from pig kidneys is therefore intended as a contribution to clarifying these questions. Some authors have already reported on attempts to keep cultures from pig kidneys in continuous passages. However, details on the characteristics of their strains or their behavior towards the foot-and-mouth disease virus have not yet been published. Because of the practical importance of cultivating this virus in kidney cell cultures, the behavior of the cell strain obtained in relation to the FMDV virus is discussed in detail.
Cell lines CVCL_C8J8; ENS 53