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Cellosaurus publication CLPUB00706

Publication number CLPUB00706
Authors Noga E.J.
Title Studies on channel catfish virus passaged in cell cultures of the walking catfish.
Citation Thesis MSc (1977), Florida Atlantic University, United States
Web pages http://purl.flvc.org/fcla/dt/13896
Abstract Gonadal (GD1I), kidney (K1K) and gill (G1B) cell lines were established from tissues of the walking catfish using an improved procedure. These cell lines were found to be susceptible to channel catfish virus (CCV) infection. A virus sample (HPV) propagated for 59 passages at low dilution in K1K cells was found to be of lower virulence for young channel catfish than two other field strains of CCV (LPV) with fewer in vitro passages. Injection of channel catfish with HPV protected these fish from subsequent challenge with the more virulent LPV. Challenge of walking catfish with several different CCV samples including wild strains and Clarias- propagated virus failed to produce any mortalities.
Cell lines CVCL_5506; G1B
CVCL_S935; K1K