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Cellosaurus publication CLPUB00574

Publication number CLPUB00574
Authors Reid L.M., Holland J., Jones C., Wolfe B., Niwayama G., Williams R., Kaplan N.O., Sato G.
Title Some of the variables affecting the success of transplantation of human tumors into the athymic nude mouse.
Citation (In) Proceedings of the symposium on the use of athymic (nude) mice in cancer research; Houchens D.P., Overjera A.A. (eds.); pp.107-121; Gustav Fischer Verlag; New York (1978)
Abstract We have spent the last 5 years developing a large nude mouse colony and establishing in these mice a large variety of transplantable human tumors. A listing of tumors obtained from San Diego Hospitals and a listing of those successfully established in the nude mice along with some characteristics of the tumors and their growth in the mice are shown. The focus of this paper is to discuss some of the variables which can critically affect the success of transplantation of human tissues into nude mice.
Cell lines CVCL_0555; T84