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Cellosaurus publication CLPUB00572

Publication number CLPUB00572
Authors Fayet G., Hovsepian S.
Title Strategy of thyroid cell culture in defined media and the isolation of the OVNIS and PORTHOS cell strains.
Citation (In) Progress in endocrine research and therapy, Vol. 2, Thyroglobulin -- the prothyroid hormone; Eggo M.C., Burrow G.N. (eds.); pp.211-224; Raven Press; New York (1985)
Abstract In this paper, we describe some characteristics of two ovine and one porcine thyroid cell strains. The porcine cells grow in monolayer in 6H plus 0.1 % C.S. enriched synthetic medium. The ovine cells are grown routinely in either 6H or 5H (without TSH) media containing 0.1 % C.S. The three cell strains are two year-old. All are sensitive to insulin, thyrotropin and hydrocortisone. The other three "hormones" do not modify growth. However the combination of somatostatin and glycyl-histidyl-lysine is slightly inhibitory for growth. In contrast with the FRTL line, the 5H ovine cells are not TSH-dependent for growth. Furthermore, the 6H cells grow in absence of serum, synthesize thyroglobulin at high level even in the last passages tested and formed follicles during one year and a half despite subculturing. The cell strains were named PORTHOS (Porcine Thyroid "0" Serum) and OVNIS (Ovine "Nihil" Serum) and represent new tools in thyroid cell studies.
Cell lines CVCL_A9I7; OVNIS 5H
CVCL_2695; Porthos