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Cellosaurus publication CLPUB00545

Publication number CLPUB00545
Authors McLemore T.L., Alley M.C., Liu M.C., Hubbard W.C., Adelberg S., Czerwinski M.J., Yu S., Stinson S., Storeng R., Eggleston J.C., Boyd M.R.
Title Histopathologic, biochemical, and molecular genetic characterization of four newly established pulmonary carcinoma cell lines.
Citation Proc. Am. Assoc. Cancer Res. 30:225-225(1989)
Abstract Four new human lung cancer cell lines (LCCL) have been developed in vitro from surgically resected primary pulmonary carcinoma tissue. These include: Hop 18 large cell undifferentiated carcinoma, Hop 19 and 62 adenocarcinomas, and Hop 27 large cell undifferentiated/small cell mixed carcinoma. These 4 new LCCL have been extensively characterized according to their individual histologic, cytologic, ultrastructural, biochemical and molecular genetic features and when possible these characteristics were compared with the original tumor specimens from which they were derived in order to confirm the authenticity of individual LCCL. Each LCCL was generally similar to the original tumor specimens from which they were derived, demonstrating that the LCCL have retained their original histopathologic, and biochemical characteristics. Individual LCCL were biochemically characterized for endogenous prostaglandin biosynthesis as well as metabolism of different xenobiotics including 4-ipomeanol and benzo(a)-pyrene. Expression of different cytochrome P-450 genes, a multidrug resistant gene and glutathione-S-transferase gene were also studied in the 4 LCCL as well as DNA fingerprint analyses using variable tandem repeat DNA probes. These biochemical and molecular genetic markers were effectively used to fingerprint the individual LCCL. These new, well characterized LCCL should be useful for study of the biology of human LC.
Cell lines CVCL_H642; HOP-18
CVCL_H643; HOP-19
CVCL_1285; HOP-62