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Cellosaurus publication CLPUB00537

Publication number CLPUB00537
Authors Asaoka K.
Title Characterization of Bombyx and related insect cell lines by SDS-PAGE and two-dimensional gel electrophoresis.
Citation (In) Invertebrate and fish tissue culture; Kuroda Y., Kurstak E., Maramorosch K. (eds.); pp.278-281; Japan Sci. Soc.; Tokyo (1988)
Web pages https://www.springer.com/de/book/9783642736285
Abstract Characterization of the cell lines derived from Bombyx and related insects was undertaken using SDS-PAGE and O'Farrell's two-dimensional gel electrophoresis as a means of discriminating between cell lines derived from different strains and species of insects. The four B. mori cell lines from embryos gave nearly identical protein patterns. In the B. mandarina cell line from embryos, the pattern of most proteins was similar to that of the proteins of these cell lines, but there were a few species-specific spots. The two M. brassicae cell lines from fat bodies and the A. eucalypti cell line from ovaries gave different protein patterns from those of the Bombyx cell lines. These results indicate that the methods described can be applied at least for the discrimination and characterization of the cell lines from different species.
Cell lines CVCL_Z109; Ae
CVCL_WK41; SES-Bm-1 30
CVCL_Z697; SES-Bm-1 30R
CVCL_WK42; SES-Bm-e 21
CVCL_Z108; SES-BoMo-15A
CVCL_Z129; SES-MaBr-3
CVCL_Z131; SES-MaBr-5
CVCL_Z327; SPC-BM-36