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Publication number CLPUB00492
Authors Mitsuhashi J.
Title Nutritional requirements of insect cells in vitro.
Citation (In) Invertebrate cell system applications, Vol. I; Mitsuhashi J. (eds.); pp.3-20; CRC Press; Boca Raton (1989)
Abstract Nutritional requirements of insect cells cultured in vitro have attracted the attention of many investigators in this field for a long time. During the last decade many continuous cell lines were obtained. Among them were some cell lines which had been considered very difficult to culture, if not impossible. Success of obtaining such cell lines seems most likely to be due to the improvement of culture media. In other words, the modification of the culture media satisfied nutritional requirements of the cells for multiplication. There are still many insect species from which cell lines cannot be obtained. In order to develop culture media which can support the cell growth of such insects, information on the nutritional requirements of the cells will give a clue. Unfortunately, nutritional requirements of the cultured insect cells have not been studied extensively, and the available information is limited. In this article, the author has tried to summarize the information on nutritional requirements of insect cells hitherto obtained.
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