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Publication number CLPUB00474
Authors Romsdahl M.M.
Title Establishment, characterization, and biological properties of human malignant melanoma cell lines grown in vitro.
Citation Thesis PhD (1968), University of Texas at Houston, United States
Web pages https://digitalcommons.library.tmc.edu/dissertations/AAI6911966/
Abstract While morphological, histochemical, and cytogenetic evaluations can be done with short-term primary cultures, including those containing fibroblasts, long-term or permanent cultures are desirable for analytical biochemical and biological investigation: Therefore, an attempt was made to establish tissue culture cell lines from human solid tumors; efforts were directed primarily toward malignant melanoma. In the course of this study, it was determined that human malignant melanoma cell lines could be established and some could be propagated without an apparent restriction in time. The purpose of the investigations described herein was to establish and characterize human malignant melanoma cell lines and their clonal strains according to certain biological and biochemical procedures.
Cell lines CVCL_1E34; LeCa 19.4
CVCL_1E35; LeCa 26.5