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Cellosaurus publication CLPUB00471

Publication number CLPUB00471
Authors Wang S.-B., Guo L., Niu W.-Z.
Title Heterogeneity in radiosensitivity within esophageal cell line CaEs-17 and amplification of H-ras gene.
Citation Fushe Yanjiu Yu Fushe Gongyi Xuebao 15:60-62(1997)
Web pages https://inis.iaea.org/search/searchsinglerecord.aspx?recordsFor=SingleRecord&RN=28046691
Abstract Ten clones were picked from cultured colonies of CaEs-17 cell line and developed to a subcell line. The values of SF2 were measured for each subcell line. Two radioresistant subcell lines, clone 7 and clone 10 were established. According to survival curve assay, for wild type, the value of D0 was 1.57 Gy, DQ was 1.07 Gy, N was 1.96, SF2 was 0.41. For clone 7, the value of D0 was 1.64 Gy, DQ was 1.85 Gy, N was 3.07, SF2 was 0.53. For clone 10, the value of D0 was 1.58 Gy, DQ was 2.04 Gy, N was 3.63, SF2 was 0.61. Clone 7 and clone 10 have much higher values of DQ and N than those of wild type. There was amplification of H-ras gene in clone 10 after 2 Gy irradiation. The amplification of H-ras gene in clone 10 after 2 Gy irradiation might be involved in heterogeneity of CaEs-17 cell line.
Cell lines CVCL_UY83; CaES-17