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Publication number CLPUB00463
Authors Lal Meena L., Haldar C., Ram R., Kumar M.
Title Current scenario and advances in fish cell lines development and characterization in India.
Citation Int. J. Fauna Biol. Stud. 5:127-130(2018)
Web pages https://www.faunajournal.com/archives/?year=2018&vol=5&issue=3&part=B&ArticleId=505
Abstract Cell lines are a valuable biological tool for carrying out researches in physiology, virology, pharmacology, toxicology, cancer/carcinogenesis and transgenic fields. Several "fish cell lines" have been developed from a broad range of tissues by explant techniques, e.g., ovary, fin, swim bladder, heart, spleen, liver, eye muscle, vertebrae, brain, skin. At present, 50 fish cell lines from 24 different fish species are maintained and cryopreserved in the National Repository of fish cell line (NRFC), NBFGR. In the current review, the authors have discussed the national status and advances in the development cell lines from different fish species. Besides these, the importance of cell line characterization, applications and cross-contamination have also been discussed briefly in this review. The author feels that this review article will undoubtedly serve an updated database for the scientists/researchers in the field of pathology, toxicology, fishery science, and other life science disciplines wherever needed for research.
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