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Cellosaurus publication CLPUB00449

Publication number CLPUB00449
Authors de Castro M.P., Koseki I.
Title Evolution of the chromosome complement of the swine cell line IB-RS-2.
Citation Arq. Inst. Biol. (Sao Paulo) 34:285-294(1967)
Web pages https://eurekamag.com/research/024/645/024645211.php
Abstract A continuation of the history of the swine kidney cell line, IB-RS-2, as well as the evolution of its chromosome complement, from the 56th to the 154th cell transfers are given. Up to the 75th transfer, there was a prevalence of cells with 37 centromeres belonging to 1.1 type (Table I). After the recovery of the cultures from a dramatic cell necrosis, the prevalent karyotypes had 38 centromeres. These karyotypes could be found in the cell clones derived from the parental cell population. It would appear that the seven clones which could be analysed are descendants of cells with 38 chromosomes, type 2.2: two of them, C-12 and C-19 are type 2.2, but C-19 presents a secondary constriction in one of the largest GIV-XX chromosomes not found in C-12; five of them have a new large subacrocentric chromosome (SA). C-16, C-17, C-18 and C-60 (karyotype 2.2.1) have also a microchromosome which is not found in C-13 (karyotype 2.2.2) It seems that these five clones had been originated from a cell of 2.2 karyotype, through a recombination between one of the largest GIV-XX and one of the GVI chromosomes, giving rise to the large SA and to the microchromosome. Afterwards, in C-13, this microchromosome was lost.
Cell lines CVCL_4528; IB-RS-2