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Publication number CLPUB00275
Authors Zach S., Birgin E., Ruckert F.
Title Primary cholangiocellular carcinoma cell lines.
Citation J. Stem Cell Res. Transplant. 2:1013-1013(2015)
Web pages http://austinpublishinggroup.com/stemcell-research-transplantation/fulltext/jscrt-v2-id1013.php
Abstract Cholangiocellular Cancer (CCC) is a deadly disease and 5-year overall survival still is below 10%. To improve prognosis of patients with CCC, basic science is absolutely dependent on cell lines to elaborate new insights into pathological, diagnostic and therapeutic options. This is a systematic review about CCC cell lines described in literature to date. Different cell lines were established and characterized in the last 30 years. CCC cell lines can generally be classified into cell lines derived from intrahepatic CCC (iCCC), extrahepatic CCC (eCCC), perihilar CCC (klatskin) and metastasis. The aim of this review is to give insights in the availability of cell lines and the possibilities that these cell lines might give to researchers focused on CCC.
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