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Publication number CLPUB00262
Authors Gold M.
Title A conspiracy of cells. One woman's immortal legacy and the medical scandal it caused.
Citation (In) ISBN 9780887060991; pp.1-171; State University of New York Press; Albany (1986)
Web pages http://www.sunypress.edu/p-133-a-conspiracy-of-cells.aspx
Abstract Long-time science reporter Michael Gold describes in graphic detail how the errant HeLa cells spread, contaminating and overwhelming other cell cultures, sabotaging research projects, and eluding detection until they had managed to infiltrate scientific laboratories worldwide. He tracks the efforts of geneticist Walter Nelson-Rees to alert a sceptical scientific community to the rampant HeLa contamination. And he reconstructs Nelson-Rees's crusade to expose the embarrassing mistakes and bogus conclusions of researchers who unknowingly abetted HeLa's spread.
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