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Cellosaurus publication CLPUB00215

Publication number CLPUB00215
Authors Zhang X.-R., Wang J.-H., Chen Y.-Z.
Title Establishment of lung cell strain KIZ-81A of tufted deer (Elaphodus cephalophus) and study of its biological characteristics.
Citation Dong Wu Xue Yan Jiu 5:71-77(1984)
Web pages http://www.zoores.ac.cn/en/article/id/2363
Abstract A cell strain (designated KIZ-81A) derived from lung tissue of a young male tufted deer (E. cephalophus) is presented. The animal was caught in southern China in 1981. The KIZ-81A cells were fibroblasts in morphology. The primary cells died at passage 67 after 13 mo. in vitro, while KIZ-81A cells, which had been frozen since passage 3 and kept in liquid nitrogen for 132 days before thawing, attained only 64 passages. Growth rates of KIZ-81A cells were determined at passage 7, 11, 30. Comparison was made at generation 11 of primary cells and cells once frozen. After a lag phase, all cultures entered the logarithmic growth phase and then the stationary phase again. The range of cell cycle time, determined by BUdR[bromodeoxyuridine]-Giemsa method for detection of sister chromatid exchanges, was from 24-36 h. Karyotype analysis revealed the chromosome number and construction in KIZ-81A cells (without being frozen and stored) were more stable than those of the cells once frozen in liquid nitrogen. In the former, the obvious increase of chromosome number and changes in construction started from the 51st generation and in the latter from the 30th generation. Cells with chromosome number from 49-52 greatly increased. Effects of some experimental factors, including temperature and pH changes, on cell growth and division are also analyzed and discussed.
Cell lines CVCL_0A01; KIZ-81A