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Publication number CLPUB00054
Authors de Castro M.P.
Title Behaviour of the foot-and-mouth disease virus in cell cultures: susceptibility of the IB-RS-2 cell line.
Citation Arq. Inst. Biol. (Sao Paulo) 31:63-78(1964)
Web pages https://eurekamag.com/research/014/358/014358372.php
Abstract The IB-RS-2 cell line derived from swine kidney, after two years and a half of continuous cultivation, is described. This cell line has shown to be useful for titration and isolation of the foot-and-mouth disease virus, types A, O and C. The results obtained in sera-neutralization test in this cell line run parallel to the results obtained in sera-protection test in unweaned mice. It is also reported here that some batches of primary cultures of bovine kidney "resistant" to several samples of the types A, O and C may occur; this observation seems to limit the use of this system. From several samples of the three types of virus tested in IB-RS-2 cell line, one, type C, was an exception and showed to be unable to induce CPE, in first passage, in this cell line. However, after the third passage, it became "adapted". On the other hand, another sample, also typed as C, to which the IB-RS-2 cell line was as susceptible as swine kidney primary cultures, was not able to induce CPE, nor could it be isolated In "normal" bovine kidney primary cultures which were susceptible to other samples. Evidence was observed that a virus sample with a high number of passages in IB-RS-2 cell line, became modified, as far as pathogenicity to unweaned mice and 'capacity to induce CPE in "normal" bovine primary cultures are concerned. The advantages of the use of the IB-RS-2 cell line are: it grows actively in a relatively simple and unexpensive medium, It is apparently free of contaminants, and replicates can be prepared easily for experimental purposes at any time desired.
Cell lines CVCL_4528; IB-RS-2