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Publication number CLPUB00012
Authors Ohno K., Takeshita K., Kimura G.
Title Thymidine kinase deficient sublines from rat fibroblast-like line 3Y1.
Citation Yonago Acta Med. 28:70-78(1985)
Web pages https://jglobal.jst.go.jp/en/detail?JGLOBAL_ID=200902086268099496
Abstract The rat cell line 3Y1 (Kimura et al., 1975) has many characteristics of normal fibroblastic cells; it has the diploid karyotype (Yamashita et al., 1980), a high requirement for serum (Kimura, 1975; Kimura and Itagaki, 1975), and high sensitivity to density-dependent inhibition of proliferation (Kimura et al., 1975; Okuda and Kimura, 1978). 3Y1 cells have been useful in the study of proliferation control in cell culture (Okuda and Kimura, 1978, 1982, and 1983; Okuda et al., 1983; Ohno et al., 1984), in transformation experiments with a variety of viral agents (Kimura et al., 1975; Hama and Kimura, 1978; Ishibashi et al., 1980; Kawai, 1980; Ohno and Kimura, 1984) and a chemical carcinogen (Sandmeyer et al., 1981), and in somatic cell genetics (Ohno et al., 1984). Sublines of 3Y1 deficient in thymidine kinase (ATP: thymidine 5'- phosphotransferase, EC; TK) should be useful in gene-transfer experiments and cell hybridization.
Cell lines CVCL_U201; 3Y1BU^(r-1)
CVCL_U202; 3Y1BU^(r-2)
CVCL_U203; 3Y1BU^(r-3)