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Cellosaurus MCP-5 [Mouse] (CVCL_R863)

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Cell line name MCP-5 [Mouse]
Synonyms MCP5
Accession CVCL_R863
Resource Identification Initiative To cite this cell line use: MCP-5 [Mouse] (RRID:CVCL_R863)
Comments Transformant: Ad12-SV40 hybrid virus.
Omics: Deep quantitative phosphoproteome analysis.
Derived from site: In situ; Bone marrow; UBERON=UBERON_0002371.
Cell type: Mast cell; CL=CL_0000097.
Species of origin Mus musculus (Mouse) (NCBI Taxonomy: 10090)
Breed/subspecies: BALB/c.
Hierarchy Children:
CVCL_JY01 (MCP-5.1)CVCL_JY02 (MCP-5.2)CVCL_JY03 (MCP-5.3)
CVCL_JY04 (MCP-5.4)CVCL_JY05 (MCP-5.5)
Sex of cell Sex unspecified
Age at sampling 6-8W
Category Transformed cell line

PubMed=7683224; DOI=10.1159/000236432
Arora N., Min K.-U., Costa J.J., Rhim J.S., Metcalfe D.D.
Immortalization of mouse bone marrow-derived mast cells with Ad12-SV40 virus.
Int. Arch. Allergy Immunol. 100:319-327(1993)

PubMed=17947660; DOI=10.4049/jimmunol.179.9.5864
Cao L.-L., Yu K.-B., Banh C., Nguyen V., Ritz A., Raphael B.J., Kawakami Y., Kawakami T., Salomon A.R.
Quantitative time-resolved phosphoproteomic analysis of mast cell signaling.
J. Immunol. 179:5864-5876(2007)

Encyclopedic resources Wikidata; Q54904524
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