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Cellosaurus EL4 (CVCL_0255)

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Cell line name EL4
Synonyms EL-4; EL 4; E.L.4
Accession CVCL_0255
Resource Identification Initiative To cite this cell line use: EL4 (RRID:CVCL_0255)
Comments Part of: Tumor Immunology Bank (TIB) collection from Salk (transferred to ATCC in 1981).
Doubling time: ~15-20 hours (DSMZ); ~14 hours (lot 10262015), ~12 hours (lot 02052018) (JCRB).
Transformant: ChEBI; CHEBI:59032; 7,12-dimethyltetraphene (DMBA; dimethylbenzanthracene).
Omics: HLA class I peptidome analysis by proteomics.
Derived from sampling site: Cell type=T-cell.
Disease Mouse precursor T cell lymphoblastic lymphoma/leukemia (NCIt: C21925)
Species of origin Mus musculus (Mouse) (NCBI Taxonomy: 10090)
Breed/subspecies: C57BL/6N.
Hierarchy Children:
CVCL_3505 (E.G7-OVA )CVCL_A0DM (EL-4 6.1 )CVCL_8603 (EL-4ad )
CVCL_B6PH (EL4-B7-2 )CVCL_A4BN (EL4-Luc2 [ATCC] )CVCL_5J22 (EL4-luc2 [Caliper] )
CVCL_F943 (EL4-TK )CVCL_A0PX (EL4-Zbtb1 KO )CVCL_B6PK (EL4/E2 )
CVCL_3818 (EL4.BU )CVCL_5680 (EL4.BU.1.OUAr.1.1 )CVCL_0256 (EL4.E1 )
CVCL_5681 (EL4.IL-2 )CVCL_B6PG (EL4B7-1 )CVCL_B6PL (EL4B7-2 )
Sex of cell Sex unspecified
Age at sampling Age unspecified
Category Cancer cell line
Web pages http://www.cells-talk.com/index.php/page/copelibrary?key=EL4

PubMed=14801344; DOI=10.1038/bjc.1950.36
Gorer P.A.
Studies in antibody response of mice to tumour inoculation.
Br. J. Cancer 4:372-379(1950)

PubMed=4099030; DOI=10.1126/science.171.3966.75
Mohit B., Fan K.
Hybrid cell line from a cloned immunoglobulin-producing mouse myeloma and a nonproducing mouse lymphoma.
Science 171:75-77(1971)

PubMed=30084848; DOI=10.1038/sdata.2018.157
Schuster H., Shao W.-G., Weiss T., Pedrioli P.G.A., Roth P., Weller M., Campbell D.S., Deutsch E.W., Moritz R.L., Planz O., Rammensee H.-G., Aebersold R., Caron E.
A tissue-based draft map of the murine MHC class I immunopeptidome.
Sci. Data 5:180157-180157(2018)

Cell line collections ATCC; TIB-39
BCRC; 60179
ECACC; 85023105
JCRB; IFO50027 - Discontinued
KCB; KCB 2013027YJ
KCLB; 40039
NCBI_Iran; C114
RCB; RCB1641
TKG; TKG 0150
Cell line databases/resources CLO; CLO_0002913
CLO; CLO_0050166
MCCL; MCC:0000146
CLDB; cl1158
CLDB; cl1159
CLDB; cl1160
CCRID; 1101MOU-PUMC000136
DSMZCellDive; ACC-831
Lonza; 760
Anatomy/cell type resources BTO; BTO:0003432
Chemistry resources ChEMBL-Cells; CHEMBL3308380
ChEMBL-Targets; CHEMBL614293
Encyclopedic resources Wikidata; Q54832230
Proteomic databases PRIDE; PXD008733
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Last entry update23-Jun-2022
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