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HB4a   [Cellosaurus entry CVCL_J982]

Mammary Epithelial Cell Line

Description A highly rearranged, near tetraploid 'normal' cell line derived by immortalisation of normal mammary lumenal epithelial cells using SV40 largeT by Stamps et al., 1994. Obtained from the originators.
Notable Features Translocations involve chromosomes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 19, 20 and X. There is one balanced translocation, and one duplicated marker. A deletion on chromosome 1 was detected, and an isochromosome 14 is present. An alternate clone lacks the isochromosome 14 and one marker, but has a unique marker. Another large clone has duplicated most of the chromosomes, including the markers, the isochromosome, and the deleted 1.
Representative SKY Karyotype
42(35-56) and 69(63-87).1x1, del(1)(p33), der(2)t(2;3), der(2)t(2;6), der(3)t(3;14)(?;q24.1)x2, der(3)t(2;3), 4x1, 5x2, der(5)t(2;5), 6x2, 7x2, der(7)t(1;7), 8x1, der(8)t(8;13), 9x1, der(9)t(8;9), 10x2, 11x1, der(11)t(4;X?;11), 12x1, der(12)t(9;12)(?;p12.1), 13x2, i(14)(q), der(14)t(14;20), 15x2, 16x1, der(16?)t(16;17), 17x1, der(17)t(17;19), 18x2, del(18), 19x1, der(19)t(8;19), 20x2, 21x2, 22x2, Xx1, der(?)t(X;9) cp[6]/ idem, -i(14), +14, -der(X?)t(X;9), +der(X?)t(5;X;9) [4]/ 1x2, del(1)x2, der(2)t(2;3)x2, der(2)t(2;6)x2, der(3)t(3;14)x2, der(3)t(2;3)x2, 4x2, 5x4, der(5)t(2;5)x2, 6x4, 7x4, der(7)t(1;7)x2, 8x3, der(8)t(8;13)x2, 9x1, der(9)t(8;9)x2, 10x2, 11x2, der(11)t(4;X?;11)x2, 12x1, der(12)t(9;12)x2, 13x4,14x2, der(14)t(14;20)x2, 15x4, 16x2, der(16?)t(16;17)x2, 17x2, der(17)t(17;19), 18x4, del(18)x2, 19x2, der(19)t(8;19)x2, 20x4, 21x4, 22x4, Xx2, der(?)t(X;9) [4]
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