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ZR-75-30   [Cellosaurus entry CVCL_1661]

Breast Cancer Cell Line


Obtained from Dr M J O'Hare. Should not be confused with the better-known, but quite distinct line ZR-75-1

Notable Features

This line has at least two large coamplifications of 8 and 17. The derivative 7 and the larger derivative of 14 contain an 8;17 coamplification which is completely misidentified by SKY as chrs 1 and 4, neither of which are present (Davidson et al,2000).

Representative SKY Karyotype

79(76-80).1x2, der(1)t(1;21)(p34.1;?)x2, 2x3, 3x4, 4x4, 5x2, der(5)t(5;13;7), der(5)t(5;13), der(5)t(7;5), 6x3, del(6)(q25), 7x2, der(7)t(7;(8;17)n;14), 8x2, der(?)t(1;17;8;17;8;17;8;1), der(?)t(14;(8;17)n;1), 9x3, 10x3, der(10)t(11;10), 11x1, del(11)(q?)x2, der(11)t(11;10), 12x4, i(13)(q)*, der(?)t(20;14;(8;17)n;14), der(?)t(14;17;8), der(14)t(20;14), 15x4, 16x4, 17x2, 18x2, 19x4, 20x4, der(21)t(21;13), 22x4, Xx4, cp[10]




Breast Cancer Cell Lines