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VP229   [Cellosaurus entry CVCL_2754]

Breast Cancer Cell Line


VP229 and VP267 are paired lines derived from the same tumour at different stages and were obtained from the originators (McCallum, and Lowther,1996).

Notable Features

Representative SKY Karyotype

62(56-66). der(1)t(1;14), der(X)t(X;1), der(?)t(1;9;10?;22), der(1)t(1;3), 2x1, der(?)t(14;20;2)*, der(2)t(22;2;3), der(2)t(2;7), der(2)t(2;14)*, der(2)t(12;4;2;3;2)x2, der(3)t(2;3), der(3)t(3;22), der(3)t(10;12;10;12;3), der(3)t(11;3;10;1?)*, 4x1, der(4)t(19;4;X;12), 5x1, del(5)(q?), der(5)t(5;6), der(5)t(5;14), 6x2, der(6)t(6;15), 7x2, del(7)(q?)x2, 8x2, der(8)t(8;X), der(8)t(19;1;8), 9x1, der(9)t(4;9), 10x2, 11x1, der(?)t(20;3;11)*, der(X)t(X;11), 12x1, der(?)t(12;?)x2, 13x1, der(13)t(20;13), i(14)(q?), der(?)t(14;17?), der(14)t(11;14), 15x2, 16x2, 17x1, der(?)t(16;17), der(17)t(17;10;3;10;3;10), 18x2, 19x2, 20x2, der(20)t(20;3), 21x1, der(21?)t(21;7), der(?)t(20;22) cp[10]




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