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Cellosaurus search result: 144 hits for "Tohoku University Antibody Bank hybridoma collection"

CVCL_D2QZ1A1-2Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D3CYAMab-6Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2TJC19Mab-1Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2TKC19Mab-3Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_A8V2C20Mab-11Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_A8V3C20Mab-60Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2VAC2Mab-6Rattus norvegicus (Rat) / Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2T0C2Mab-9Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2RKC39Mab-1Mus musculus (Mouse) / Rattus norvegicus (Rat)
CVCL_D2RLC39Mab-2Rattus norvegicus (Rat) / Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2R6C3Mab-2Mus musculus (Mouse) / Rattus norvegicus (Rat)
CVCL_D2R7C3Mab-3Mus musculus (Mouse) / Rattus norvegicus (Rat)
CVCL_D2RRC3Mab-4Mus musculus (Mouse) / Rattus norvegicus (Rat)
CVCL_D2R3C3Mab-6Mus musculus (Mouse) / Rattus norvegicus (Rat)
CVCL_D2R4C3Mab-7Mus musculus (Mouse) / Rattus norvegicus (Rat)
CVCL_D2RCC44Mab-1Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2RDC44Mab-108Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2S9C44Mab-18Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2REC44Mab-3Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2RFC44Mab-34Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2RGC44Mab-46Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2RHC44Mab-5Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2RIC44Mab-6Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2RJC44Mab-9Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2VBC44Mab-94Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2SUC4Mab-1Mus musculus (Mouse) / Rattus norvegicus (Rat)
CVCL_D3EPC5Mab-1Mus musculus (Mouse) / Rattus norvegicus (Rat)
CVCL_D2SWC6Mab-13Mus musculus (Mouse) / Rattus norvegicus (Rat)
CVCL_D2VCC6Mab-19Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2RTC8Mab-1Mus musculus (Mouse) / Rattus norvegicus (Rat)
CVCL_D2RUC8Mab-2Mus musculus (Mouse) / Rattus norvegicus (Rat)
CVCL_D2SBC8Mab-3Mus musculus (Mouse) / Rattus norvegicus (Rat)
CVCL_D2SEC9Mab-1Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2SGC9Mab-11Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2SYC9Mab-24Mus musculus (Mouse) / Rattus norvegicus (Rat)
CVCL_D2RXCMab-43Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D3EQCx3Mab-1Mus musculus (Mouse) / Rattus norvegicus (Rat)
CVCL_D3ERCx4Mab-1Mus musculus (Mouse) / Rattus norvegicus (Rat)
CVCL_D3ESCx5Mab-1Mus musculus (Mouse) / Rattus norvegicus (Rat)
CVCL_D2SDCx6Mab-1Mus musculus (Mouse) / Rattus norvegicus (Rat)
CVCL_D3CZDaMab-2Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D3D0DaMab-8Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D3D7DdMab-1Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D3D1DgMab-6Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D3D2DhMab-1Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D3D4DhMab-4Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D3D3DzMab-1Mus musculus (Mouse) / Rattus norvegicus (Rat)
CVCL_D2SKEMab-134Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2SMEMab-17Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2SHEMab-300Mus musculus (Mouse) / Rattus norvegicus (Rat)
CVCL_D2SLEMab-51Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2TMEPMab-16Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2TNEPMab-37Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_B7LRG4B1Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2T5H2Mab-119Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2T6H2Mab-139Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2T7H2Mab-181Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2T9H2Mab-19Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2TAH2Mab-214Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D3EHH2Mab-250Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2SPH2Mab-300Mus musculus (Mouse) / Rattus norvegicus (Rat)
CVCL_D2SSH2Mab-304Mus musculus (Mouse) / Rattus norvegicus (Rat)
CVCL_D2T8H2Mab-41Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2T2H2Mab-77Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2TBH3Mab-17Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D3E0HMab-1Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D3E1HMab-2Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_C5D8KLMab-1Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D3E2KMab-1Mus musculus (Mouse) / Rattus norvegicus (Rat)
CVCL_D3E3KrMab-3Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2S4L1Mab-13Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2S7L1Mab-352Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2S8L1Mab-354Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2UCLpMab-1Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2UDLpMab-10Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2UELpMab-12Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2UJLpMab-13Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2UGLpMab-17Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2UILpMab-19Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2U7LpMab-2Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2UFLpMab-21Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2UBLpMab-23Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2U8LpMab-3Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2U9LpMab-7Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2UALpMab-9Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D3E5MMab-1Mus musculus (Mouse) / Rattus norvegicus (Rat)
CVCL_D3E6MsMab-1Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D3E7MsMab-2Mus musculus (Mouse) / Rattus norvegicus (Rat)
CVCL_D2TXPcMab-47Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2TYPcMab-6Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2TZPcMab-60Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_YA15PMab-1Mus musculus (Mouse) / Rattus norvegicus (Rat)
CVCL_D3EJPMab-117Mus musculus (Mouse) / Rattus norvegicus (Rat)
CVCL_D2UKPMab-2Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_UG46PMab-202Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2V3PMab-210Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2V2PMab-213Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_YA06PMab-219Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2V6PMab-225Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2UZPMab-231Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2V9PMab-233Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2V4PMab-235Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D3CHPMab-237Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D3CEPMab-241Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D3CFPMab-247Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2RZPMab-253Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D3CIPMab-256Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2S0PMab-260Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D3CLPMab-265Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2S1PMab-269Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D3CUPMab-281Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D3CPPMab-292Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D3CMPMab-295Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D3CVPMab-301Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2UMPMab-32Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2UVPMab-38Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2USPMab-43Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2UPPMab-44Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2UTPMab-45Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2UUPMab-46Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2UXPMab-48Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2RQPMab-52Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2R1RdMab-13Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D3EMRdMab-15Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D3ENRdMab-16Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2R0RdMab-2Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2R2RdMab-20Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D3E9RMab-22Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D3EARMab-3Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D3EBSMab-1Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D3ECSMab-2Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D3ETt1E4Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D3EUt3H3Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D3EVt5a11Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D3EWt7e3Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D3EXt8E4Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D3EYt8G12Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D2TFTgMab-2Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D3EETMab-6Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D3EFTPMab-1Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D3EGTPMab-3Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_B7JQTrMab-29Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_B7JRTrMab-6Mus musculus (Mouse)
CVCL_D3EDWMab-1Mus musculus (Mouse) / Rattus norvegicus (Rat)