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Capan-1   [Cellosaurus entry CVCL_0237]

Pancreatic Cancer Cell Line


A hypo-triploid cell line from pancreatic cancer derived from a patient with a germline mutation in BRCA2, obtained from ATCC.

Notable Features

Hypo-triploid, extremely rearranged with  36 structural rearrangements involving all chromosomes, the majority of translocations very complex, involving more than three chromosome segments; however two reciprocal translocations – t(6;15) and t(7;10).

Representative SKY Karyotype

56 (51–60) X, -Y, 1´1, der(1)t(1;15), der(1)t(1;15;10;5), 2´1, der(2)t(2;10), der(2)t(2;X;9?), inv(3)(pq), 3´0, der(3)t(2;3), der(3)t(3;7), 4´0, der(4)t(16;4;5), der(4)t(4;15), 5´1, der(5)del(5)(q3-qter)?, 6´0, der(6)t(6;15)a, 7´0, der(7)(7;10)b, der(7)t(7;4;7;4)´2, der(7)t(3;7), 8´1, der(8)t(8:15), der(8)t(6;8;17), 9´1, der(9)t(3;9), der(9)del(9), 10´0, der(10)t(7;10)b, der(10)t(10;16), 11´1, der(11)t(11;14), der(11)t(5;11), 12´1, der(12) dup(12)(q14-qter), 13´1, der(13)t(11;13), 14´1, der(14)t(7;14), der(14?)t(6?;17;14;7?17;8)´2, 15´0, der(15)t(6;15)a´2, der(15)t(1;15;7;5), 16´2, der(16)t(10;16), 17´0, der(17)t(13;17;8;17), der(17)t(11;17;?), 18´1, der(18)t(18;20)´2, 19´2, der(19)t(18;19), 20´1, der(20)t(13;20), 21´2, der(21)t(5;21), 22´2, der(22)t(5;22).

a – reciprocal translocation b – reciprocal translocation




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