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C70   [Cellosaurus entry CVCL_5247]

Colon Cancer Cell Line


More than tetraploid line. Derived in the Bodmer lab.

Notable Features

Large numbers of normal chromosomes. Suggests reduplication from hyperdiploid

Representative SKY Karyotype

127 (115–130), XXXXX, 1x4, der(1)t(1;5)(p12;p13)x2, 2x1, del(2)(p21), del(2)x4, 3x6, 4x2, der(4)del(4)(q31q35)t(4;18)(?p15;?)x2, 5x4, 6x3, 7x9, 8x5, 9x5, 10x4, der(10)t(3;10)(?;q23~24), 11x3, del(11)(?q23), der(11)t(11;11) x3, 12x6, der(12)t(12;22) t(12;22), 13x6, der(13)t(13;13)x2, 14x4, 15x6, 16x3, der(16)t(10;16)(q23~24;q24)x2, 17x2, der(17)t(6;17)(?q23;q24~25)x2, 18x4, 19x4, der(19)t(19;22)(p;q)x2, 20x9, 21x2, der(?)t(17;21)(q10;q10)x2, 22x3[12]/idem, +der(8)t(5;8)[2]



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