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MDA-MB-468   [Cellosaurus entry CVCL_0419]

Breast Cancer Cell Line


A highly rearranged line obtained from Dr M.J. O'Hare. Karyotype not fully analysed and rearrangements described have not been confirmed.

Notable Features

Representative SKY Karyotype

Approximate Karyotype

Xx1, 1x2, der(?) t(1;10), 2x 0, der(?)t(2;9/21), der(?)t(2;22), der(?)t(2;3;6)?,3x0, der(?)t(3;13), der(?)t(3;21;22;19/15;20),4x2, der(?)t(4;9)?,5x0, der(?)t(5;16)x2, der(?)t(5;10),6x2, der(?)t(6;10)?,7x2, large (7), der(?)t(7;X), 8x1, der(?)t(5;8;5),9x1 or 2, der(?)t(9;22?),10x1 or 2, or der(?)t(10;?),11x2, der(?)t(11;5;?),12x2, der(?)t(12;?;8),13x1, der(?)t(13;5),14x1, large (14), der(?)t(14;22;17), 15x2 or {x1 + large (15)},16x1 or 2, 17x1 or 2,18x2, del(18)x2,19x2 or 3, der(?)t(19;22), 20x1, der(?)t(20;5)x2, der(?)t(20;19), 21x1, der(?)t(22;3;21;5;20)?, 22x1, der(?)t(22;5)




Breast Cancer Cell Lines