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MDA-MB-361   [Cellosaurus entry CVCL_0620]

Breast Cancer Cell Line


ATCC line obtained via ECACC (European Cell and Animal Culture Collection)

Notable Features

This line is hypertriploid and appears to show gain of abnormal chromosomes from diploid, in contrast to many breast lines which show loss followed by reduplication (seee Davidson et al, 2000).

Representative SKY Karyotype

51(43-57).1x1, del(1)(p31.1), 2x2, del(2)(p?), 3x2, der(3)t(3;7;13), 4x2, der(4)t(1;4), 5x1, i(5)(p)?, der(?)t(5;20), 6x2, der(6?)t(6;12;15;22), 7x2, 8x1, der(8)t(8;17;8), der(8)t(8;17;15), 9x1, der(?)t(9;11), 10x2, der(10)t(1;10), der(11)t(2;11), der(?)t(11;16), 12x3, 13x1, der(?)t(13;21), 14x1, der(X)t(14;18;X), der(14)t(14;16), der(?)t(X;15), 16x1, der(16)t(X;16), der(16)t(12;16), der(?)t(16;20), der(16)t(16;17), der(?)t(7;17), der(17)t(16;17), der(17)t(9;17), 18x2, der(?)t(18;20), 19x2, del (20)(p?), 21x1, 22x2, Xx1 cp[10]




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