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MDA-MB-157   [Cellosaurus entry CVCL_0618]

Breast Carcinoma Cell Line

Description A near triploid cell line exhibiting a pattern of 'loss-with-reduplication' evolution. It is held by the ATCC and was obtained from Dr Mike O'Hare.
Notable Features Translocations involve all chromosomes, except 7 and 11. Several marker chromosomes have been duplicated. Isochromosomes are present for 8 and 13. One alternate clone is missing 1 marker, but has a unique duplicated deletion. A larger clone has duplicated all its chromosomes, but lost 2 markers, chromsomes 19 and X and isochromsome 13. It has however acquired a new translocation and a new deletion.
Representative SKY Karyotype
62 (41-68) and 116(101-120).1x1, der(1)t(1;13)(?;q21), der(1)t(5;16;1)x2, der(1)t(1;20)x2, 2x1, del(2)(p?), der(2)t(2;8), 3x2, der(3)t(3;4), 4x2, 5x2, 6x2, der(16)t(6;16), 7x3, 8x1, del(8)(p?), i(8)(q?)(2, der(?)t(8;18), 9x1, der(9)t(X;9), 10x2, 11x2, 12x1, der(12)t(12;19), 13x1, i(13)(q), der(14)t(9;14)x2, der(?)t(14;22;17)x2, der(5)t(5;15)x2, 16x1, 17x2, 18x2, 19x2, der(19)t(10;19)x2, 20x2, der(20)ins(20;13)x2, der(21)t(16;21)x2, der(21)t(X;21), Xx3 cp[5]/ idem,-der(1)t(1;13), + del(1)(q31)x2 [5]/ idem x2, +19, +der(3)t(3;4), +der(5)t(5;15), +del(8)(q?), +der(12)t(12;19), +der(19)t10;19),+der(21)t(16;21) [6]
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