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SUM52   [Cellosaurus entry CVCL_3425]

Breast Cancer Cell Line


Breast carcinoma cell line. One of the SUM series of lines derived in Ethier's laboratory*, obtained from the originators.

Notable Features

A hypotriploid cell line with modal number of 56, and 26 structural rearrangements, some of them complex, amplification of region of 11q, multiple double minutes (DMs) involving chromosomes 4, 6, 8; losses involve chromosomes 4, 7, 13, 14, 18; gains involve chromosome 12.

One of the lines that has a translocation that breaks in the NRG1 gene, forming the chromosome described originally as hsr(8)(p12) (Adelaide et al, 2003)

Representative SKY Karyotype

56(51-56), Xx0, der(X)t(X;3), der(X-13)t(X;13), der(X)t(X;7), der(X)t(X;10;5), 1x2, der(1)t(1;7), 2x3, der(2)del(2)t(2;21)a, 3x2, der(5)t(3;5), der(3)t(3;7/16), der(3)t(3;11), 4x2, 5x2, der(5)t(5;21), 6x2, der(6)t(6;7), der(6)t(6;11), 7x1, der(7)t(1;7), 8x1, der(8)t(X;8)(?;p22-23), der(8?)t(12;8;1;8;1;5)??, 9x1, der(9)t(9;11), 10x1, 11x1, der(11)t(11;12)dup(11q)hsr11, 12x2, der(12)t(10;12), der(12)t(12;18), 13x1, 14x2, 15x3, 16x1, t(5;16;11/20), t(16;7;17), der(17)t(17;7;4), der(17)t(17;7;1/16), 18x1, 19x2, 20x1, der(20)t(18;20), der(20)t(1;20), 21x1, 22x1, der(22)t(15/19;22)

Additional Information  *Forozan F, Veldman R, Ammerman CA, Parsa NZ, Kallioniemi A, Kallioniemi OP, Ethier SP (1999) Molecular cytogenetic analysis of 11 new breast cancer cell lines. Br J Cancer 81: 1328-1334



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