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MaTu/Ham (HeLa contaminated)   [Cellosaurus entry CVCL_5329]

'Breast' Cancer Cell Line, actually cervical


HeLa contaminant by karyotype and microsatellite analysis*, originally reported as a breast cancer cell line (Hambly et al, 1997) rederived from breast cancer xenograft of the original MaTu line of Widmaier et al. (1974). Obtained from originators.

Notable Features

Representative SKY Karyotype

69(62-70). 1x3, 2x2, del(2)(q?), der(3)t(1;3)(q22;?), der(12?)ins(3;12), der(3)t(3;10), der(3)t(3;20), 4x2, 5x3, i(5)(p)x3, 6x2, i(6)(p), 7x4, 8x4, 9x3, 10x2, 11x1, der(11)dup(11)(?), der(11)t(11;15)(q21;?), 12x3, 13x2, 14x2, 15x2, der(15)t(3;15), 16x3, 17x3, 18x2, 19x1, dup(19), der(19)t(13;19)(q12;?), 20x3, 21x3, 22x1, der(22)t(8;22)(q23-24.2;?), Xx3 cp[10]

Additional Information   *MacLeod et al (1999) Int J Cancer 83, 555-563



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