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MT-1 (HeLa contaminated)   [Cellosaurus entry CVCL_0178]

'Breast' Cancer Cell Line, actually cervical


HeLa contaminant by karyotype and microsatellite analysis*, originally reported as a breast cancer cell line (Hambly et al, 1997) derived from breast cancer xenograft. Obtained from originators.

Notable Features

Representative SKY Karyotype

103(90-103).1x4, del(1), 2x1, der(2)t(X;2;7), der(2)t(X;2), der(2)t(2;18), 3x2, der(3)t(1;3), der(12)ins(3;12), der(3)t(3;20), der(?)t(3;1;6), 4x3, 5x1, dup(5)(p?), i(5)(p), der(5)t(3;5), der(5)t(5;10)x2, der(5)t(5;15), 6x1, del(6)x2, der(6)t(6;22)x2, der(6)t(6,21)b, 7x2, i(7)(q), del(7)(q?), der(7)t(7;15), 8x4, der(8)t(9;8;17), der(8)t(6;8;17), 9x3, der(9)t(9;21), 10x3, der(10)t(1;10)x2, 11x3, der(2)t(15;11;2), 12x3, 13x3, del(13), der(19)t(13;19)x2, der(19)t(13;19), 14x3, der(14)t(1;14), 15x3, 16x4, del(16)x2, 17x3, der(17)t(5;17), 18x3, del(18), 19x3, 20x5, 21x1, der(21)t(6;21)x2, 22x1, der(22)t(8;22), Xx3 cp[10]

Additional Information   *MacLeod et al (1999) Int J Cancer 83, 555-563



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