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MDA-MB-453   [Cellosaurus entry CVCL_0418]

Breast Cancer Cell Line


Tetraploid cell line from mammary gland breast.

Notable Features

Tetraploid with 22 structural chromosome rearrangememnts, the majority in 2 copies, the t(2;5) may have been reciprocal initially, now does not look reciprocal, probably due to amplification events in #2 and possibly intrachromosomal deletions of #5, example of a line with monosomic type of evolution, losses involve 4p, 4p, 8p, 8p, 9, 9, - X, Gains involve segments of #1, dup2, 11, 14, 20.

Representative SKY Karyotype

90(87-91), XXX, 1x4, der(1)t(1;14)a, 2x2, der(2)t(2;5)(p13-16;?), er(2)t(2;5)dup(2q), 3x4, 4x2, i(4q)?, 5x2, der(5)t(2;5)x2, 6x4, 7x2, der(7)t(3;7)x2, der(7)t(5;7), der(7?)t(7;9), 8x2, i(8q)x2, 9x2, 10x4, der(11)t(11;14)x2, der(11)t(3;11;3;X)x2, 12x2, der(12(1;12)x2, der(13)t(1;13)x2, der(13)t(13;15)x2, 14x4, 15x2, der(15?)t(15;16), 16x1, der(16)t(16;17)x2, i(16q), del(17)x2, der(17)t(11;17)x2, 18x2, der(7-18)(p10;q10)x2, 19x4, 20x4, der(20)t(19/15?;20)x2, 21x4, 22x2, der(22)t(22;9;22)x2




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