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MDA-MB-415   [Cellosaurus entry CVCL_0621]

Breast Cancer Cell Line


Mammary gland, breast, from metastatic site, pleural effusion.

Notable Features

A hypotetraploid cell line with with 11 structural rearrangements, the majority of which in 2 copies, duplication of 11q14-qter, hsr for chromosome 8, a typical line with monosomic type of evolution, losses involve chromosomes 4, 6, 8q(q24-qter), 18, 19, 21, 21, 22; gains involve 8, dup11(q14-qter).

Representative SKY Karyotype

80(79-85), XXXX, 1x2, der(1)del(1)(p31-pter)x2, 2x0, der(2)del(2)x2, der(2)t(2;6)(p22-23;?), 3x3, der(3)del(3)(p24-pter), 4x3, 5x3, der(5)del(5)t(X;5), 6x2, 7x4, 8x2, der(8)del(8)(q24-qter), 9x4, 10x2, der(10)t(10;13;11)x2, 11x2, der(11)t(2;11)dup(11)(q14-qter), 12x2, der(12)t(10;12)x2, 13x2, 14x2, der(14)t(5;14)x2, 15x4, 16x4, 17x2, der(17)t(17;8;20)x2hsr8, 18x3, 19x3, 20x4, 21x2, 22x3




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