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HCC1143   [Cellosaurus entry CVCL_1245]

Breast Cancer Cell Line


A near-tetraploid cell line from mammary gland; breast; duct; primary ductal carcinoma, held at ATCC, included in the Cancer Genome Project at the Sanger Institute.

Notable Features

A hypo-tetraploid cell line, extremely rearranged, with 48 structural chromosome abnormalities, all cells contain dmin involving chromosomes 1, 3, 11, 13 and hsrs involving chromosomes 21, 3, 19.

Representative SKY Karyotype

80(74-82), -X, der(X)t(10;X;12), der(X)t(X;1), 1x1, der(1)t(1;5), der(1)t(1;10?), i(2q), t(2;15), t(2;6;9;X), t(2;20), 2x2, del(3)x2, i(4p), der(4)t(4;22)(q10;q10)x2, isoder(4;18), 5x4, der(6)t(1;6)(?p11-p12, t(6;11), der(7)t(7p;17)x2, der(7)t(7q;X;7;17), der(7)t(7;11;10), 8x1, der(6;8)(q10;q10), del(8)(p10-pter)x2, t(8;1), t(8;20), 9x1, der(4;9)(p10;q10), der(7;9)(p10;q10), 10x1, del(10), der(10)t(5;10)x2, 11x1, der(11)t(3;11), der(?)(18;11;1), der(11?)t(5;11;1;3), 12x3, 13x1, der(13)t(2;13)(?;p11), der(8;14)(p10;q10)x2, der(14)t(10;14), der(14;22)(q10;q10), 15x1, t(15;19), t(?;15;1), t(15;?), 16x2, der(16)t(16;20), 17x2, der(17?)t(1;17), der(17?)t(6;17), 18x1, der(18?)t(18;22), der(18?)t(15;18), der(?)t(18;5/6?), 19x2, der(19)t(19;1;10), 20x3, der(20)t(20;9;20), 21x1, der(21)t(8;21)?, der(21)t(21;3;X)hsr(21;3), der(22)t(19;22)hsr(19), der(22)t(18;22) a

a in less than 50% of the cells




Breast Cancer Cell Lines