ID   SHEP-TR-miR-17-92
DR   cancercelllines; CVCL_EI12
DR   PRIDE; PRD000321
DR   Wikidata; Q54953289
RX   PubMed=21145484;
CC   Population: Caucasian.
CC   Characteristics: Transfected with a Tet-on system to induce the oncogenic miR-17-92 cluster with the addition of tetracycline to the culture medium.
CC   Sequence variation: Mutation; HGNC; 427; ALK; Simple; p.Phe1174Leu (c.3522C>A); ClinVar=VCV000217852; Zygosity=Unspecified (from parent cell line).
CC   Sequence variation: Mutation; HGNC; 7989; NRAS; Simple; p.Gln61Lys (c.181C>A); ClinVar=VCV000073058; Zygosity=Heterozygous (from parent cell line).
CC   Transfected with: UniProtKB; P04483; Escherichia coli Tn10 tetR.
CC   Transfected with: UniProtKB; P06492; Human herpesvirus 1 VP16 (UL28) (with p.Met1_Arg360del).
CC   Derived from site: Metastatic; Bone marrow; UBERON=UBERON_0002371.
DI   NCIt; C3270; Neuroblastoma
DI   ORDO; Orphanet_635; Neuroblastoma
OX   NCBI_TaxID=9606; ! Homo sapiens (Human)
HI   CVCL_0524 ! SH-EP
SX   Female
AG   4Y
CA   Cancer cell line
DT   Created: 13-07-16; Last updated: 05-10-23; Version: 12
RX   PubMed=21145484; DOI=10.1016/j.molcel.2010.11.038;
RA   Mestdagh P., Bostrom A.-K., Impens F., Fredlund E., Van Peer G.,
RA   De Antonellis P., von Stedingk K., Ghesquiere B., Schulte S., Dews M.,
RA   Thomas-Tikhonenko A., Schulte J.H., Zollo M., Schramm A., Gevaert K.,
RA   Axelson H., Speleman F., Vandesompele J.;
RT   "The miR-17-92 microRNA cluster regulates multiple components of the
RT   TGF-beta pathway in neuroblastoma.";
RL   Mol. Cell 40:762-773(2010).