ID   COLO 38
AC   CVCL_3934
SY   Colo-38; Colo 38; COLO #38; Colo38; COLO38; Colorado 38
DR   BTO; BTO:0002941
DR   cancercelllines; CVCL_3934
DR   CLS; 300151
DR   Cosmic; 928682
DR   Cosmic; 1477405
DR   Cosmic; 2757118
DR   Wikidata; Q54814108
RX   DOI=10.1093/jnci/59.2.301;
RX   PubMed=72600;
RX   PubMed=15661905;
RX   PubMed=24732172;
CC   Problematic cell line: Contaminated. Shown to be a M14 derivative (ICLAC). Originally thought to originate from a 67 year old female patient with a melanoma.
CC   Registration: International Cell Line Authentication Committee, Register of Misidentified Cell Lines; ICLAC-00556.
CC   Population: Caucasian.
CC   Sequence variation: Mutation; HGNC; 1097; BRAF; Simple; p.Val600Glu (c.1799T>A); ClinVar=VCV000013961; Zygosity=Heterozygous (PubMed=24732172).
CC   Sequence variation: Mutation; HGNC; 1787; CDKN2A; Simple; c.150+2T>C (IVS1+2T>C); ClinVar=VCV000406712; Zygosity=Heterozygous; Note=Splice donor mutation (from parent cell line).
CC   Sequence variation: Mutation; HGNC; 1787; CDKN2A; Simple; c.455insCdel26; Zygosity=Heterozygous (from parent cell line).
CC   Sequence variation: Mutation; HGNC; 11998; TP53; Simple; p.Gly266Glu (c.797G>A); ClinVar=VCV000161516; Zygosity=Heterozygous (from parent cell line).
CC   Discontinued: CLS; 300151; true.
CC   Derived from site: Metastatic; Right buttock, hypodermis; UBERON=UBERON_0013691+UBERON_0002072.
ST   Source(s): ICLAC
ST   Amelogenin: X
ST   CSF1PO: 11
ST   D13S317: 12
ST   D16S539: 9,13
ST   D5S818: 11,12
ST   D7S820: 8,10
ST   TH01: 6,7
ST   TPOX: 8,11
ST   vWA: 16,18
DI   NCIt; C3802; Amelanotic melanoma
OX   NCBI_TaxID=9606; ! Homo sapiens (Human)
HI   CVCL_1395 ! M14
SX   Male
AG   33Y
CA   Cancer cell line
DT   Created: 04-04-12; Last updated: 02-05-24; Version: 23
RX   DOI=10.1093/jnci/59.2.301;
RA   Quinn L.A., Woods L.K., Merrick S.B., Arabasz N.M., Moore G.E.;
RT   "Cytogenetic analysis of twelve human malignant melanoma cell lines.";
RL   J. Natl. Cancer Inst. 59:301-307(1977).
RX   PubMed=72600;
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RT   "In vitro immunization against human tumor cells with tumor cell
RT   fractions.";
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RT   "Immune selection of hot-spot beta 2-microglobulin gene mutations,
RT   HLA-A2 allospecificity loss, and antigen-processing machinery
RT   component down-regulation in melanoma cells derived from recurrent
RT   metastases following immunotherapy.";
RL   J. Immunol. 174:1462-1471(2005).
RX   PubMed=24732172; DOI=10.18632/oncotarget.1878;
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RT   "PDGFRalpha up-regulation mediated by sonic hedgehog pathway
RT   activation leads to BRAF inhibitor resistance in melanoma cells with
RT   BRAF mutation.";
RL   Oncotarget 5:1926-1941(2014).