ID   MT-3 [Human contaminated breast cancer]
AC   CVCL_2129
SY   MT3
DR   CLO; CLO_0007890
DR   EFO; EFO_0002241
DR   ArrayExpress; E-MTAB-38
DR   ArrayExpress; E-MTAB-2706
DR   BioSample; SAMN03472975
DR   BioSample; SAMN03473582
DR   BioSample; SAMN06481118
DR   cancercelllines; CVCL_2129
DR   DSMZ; ACC-403
DR   DSMZCellDive; ACC-403
DR   EGA; EGAS00001000610
DR   GEO; GSM115102
DR   GEO; GSM217592
DR   GEO; GSM412073
DR   GEO; GSM412084
DR   GEO; GSM412093
DR   GEO; GSM412098
DR   GEO; GSM412106
DR   GEO; GSM412110
DR   GEO; GSM459700
DR   GEO; GSM474280
DR   GEO; GSM474281
DR   GEO; GSM476484
DR   GEO; GSM476485
DR   GEO; GSM478311
DR   GEO; GSM478312
DR   GEO; GSM478314
DR   GEO; GSM478315
DR   GEO; GSM478320
DR   GEO; GSM478321
DR   GEO; GSM783977
DR   GEO; GSM847419
DR   GEO; GSM847498
DR   GEO; GSM844610
DR   GEO; GSM1172986
DR   IGRhCellID; MT3
DR   LINCS_HMS; 50031
DR   PharmacoDB; MT3_969_2019
DR   Progenetix; CVCL_2129
DR   Wikidata; Q54906937
RX   PubMed=1446057;
RX   PubMed=9150904;
RX   PubMed=11044355;
RX   PubMed=12661003;
RX   PubMed=12800145;
RX   PubMed=15677628;
RX   PubMed=20215515;
RX   PubMed=24176112;
RX   PubMed=25485619;
RX   PubMed=25877200;
RX   PubMed=26589293;
RX   PubMed=28196595;
CC   Problematic cell line: Contaminated. Shown to be a LS174T derivative (PubMed=25877200; DSMZ). Originally thought to originate from a breast carcinoma.
CC   Part of: MD Anderson Cell Lines Project.
CC   Registration: International Cell Line Authentication Committee, Register of Misidentified Cell Lines; ICLAC-00506.
CC   Population: Caucasian.
CC   Doubling time: 37.1 +- 8.1 hours (PubMed=9150904); ~30 hours (DSMZ=ACC-403).
CC   HLA typing: A*02:01,02:01; B*07:17,15:50; C*04:01,06:02 (PubMed=26589293).
CC   Microsatellite instability: Instable (MSI) (PubMed=12661003; PubMed=15677628).
CC   Sequence variation: Mutation; HGNC; 2514; CTNNB1; Simple; p.Ser45Phe (c.134C>T); ClinVar=VCV000017588; Zygosity=Unspecified (from parent cell line).
CC   Sequence variation: Mutation; HGNC; 6407; KRAS; Simple; p.Gly12Asp (c.35G>A); ClinVar=VCV000012582; Zygosity=Heterozygous (from parent cell line).
CC   Sequence variation: Mutation; HGNC; 8975; PIK3CA; Simple; p.His1047Arg (c.3140A>G); ClinVar=VCV000013652; Zygosity=Unspecified (from parent cell line).
CC   Omics: Deep exome analysis.
CC   Omics: Protein expression by reverse-phase protein arrays.
CC   Omics: SNP array analysis.
CC   Omics: Transcriptome analysis by microarray.
CC   Omics: Transcriptome analysis by RNAseq.
CC   Discontinued: DSMZ; ACC-403; true.
CC   Derived from site: In situ; Colon; UBERON=UBERON_0001155.
CC   Cell type: Epithelial cell of colon; CL=CL_0011108.
ST   Source(s): DSMZ=ACC-403; PubMed=25877200
ST   Amelogenin: X
ST   CSF1PO: 10,13
ST   D13S317: 10,11
ST   D16S539: 11,13
ST   D18S51: 10,12
ST   D19S433: 13,14
ST   D21S11: 29,31
ST   D2S1338: 18,22
ST   D3S1358: 15,16
ST   D5S818: 12,17 (DSMZ=ACC-403)
ST   D5S818: 12 (PubMed=25877200)
ST   D7S820: 10.3,11,12
ST   D8S1179: 12,15 (PubMed=25877200)
ST   D8S1179: 13,15 (DSMZ=ACC-403)
ST   FGA: 20,21
ST   Penta D: 9,10
ST   Penta E: 13,15 (PubMed=25877200)
ST   Penta E: 13,15,17,21 (DSMZ=ACC-403)
ST   TH01: 6,7
ST   TPOX: 8,9
ST   vWA: 13,14,16,17 (DSMZ=ACC-403)
ST   vWA: 14,17 (PubMed=25877200)
DI   NCIt; C4349; Colon adenocarcinoma
OX   NCBI_TaxID=9606; ! Homo sapiens (Human)
HI   CVCL_1384 ! LS174T
SX   Female
AG   58Y
CA   Cancer cell line
DT   Created: 04-04-12; Last updated: 02-05-24; Version: 34
RX   PubMed=1446057; DOI=10.1007/BF01831480;
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