ID   DuCaP
AC   CVCL_2025
SY   DUCaP; Ducap; Dura mater Cancer of the Prostate
DR   Cosmic; 1028647
DR   Cosmic; 1043329
DR   Cosmic; 1995390
DR   IARC_TP53; 18892
DR   Wikidata; Q54831584
RX   CelloPub=CLPUB00698;
RX   PubMed=11317521;
RX   PubMed=14518029;
RX   PubMed=14518030;
CC   Population: Caucasian.
CC   Characteristics: Established from a xenograft produced by implantation of tumor cells in a SCID mouse.
CC   Doubling time: 72-216 hours (PubMed=11317521).
CC   Sequence variation: Mutation; HGNC; 11998; TP53; Simple; p.Arg248Trp (c.742C>T); ClinVar=VCV000012347; Zygosity=Unspecified (PubMed=14518029).
CC   Derived from metastatic site: Brain dura mater.
ST   Source(s): PubMed=14518029
ST   Amelogenin: X,Y
ST   D13S317: 11,12
ST   D18S51: 13
ST   D21S11: 31
ST   D3S1358: 14,15
ST   D5S818: 12
ST   D7S820: 9,12
ST   D8S1179: 12,13
ST   FGA: 21,26
ST   vWA: 18,19
DI   NCIt; C4863; Prostate carcinoma
OX   NCBI_TaxID=9606; ! Homo sapiens
OI   CVCL_2235 ! VCaP
SX   Male
AG   59Y
CA   Cancer cell line
DT   Created: 04-04-12; Last updated: 23-06-22; Version: 20
RX   CelloPub=CLPUB00698;
RA   van Bokhoven A.;
RT   "Models for prostate cancer. Molecular characterization and critical
RT   appraisal of human prostate carcinoma cell lines.";
RL   Thesis PhD (2004), Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen, Netherlands.
RX   PubMed=11317521;
RA   Lee Y.-G., Korenchuk S., Lehr J.E., Whitney S., Vessella R.L.,
RA   Pienta K.J.;
RT   "Establishment and characterization of a new human prostatic cancer
RT   cell line: DuCaP.";
RL   In Vivo 15:157-162(2001).
RX   PubMed=14518029; DOI=10.1002/pros.10290;
RA   van Bokhoven A., Varella-Garcia M., Korch C.T., Johannes W.U.,
RA   Smith E.E., Miller H.L., Nordeen S.K., Miller G.J., Lucia M.S.;
RT   "Molecular characterization of human prostate carcinoma cell lines.";
RL   Prostate 57:205-225(2003).
RX   PubMed=14518030; DOI=10.1002/pros.10291;
RA   van Bokhoven A., Caires A., Maria M.D., Schulte A.P., Lucia M.S.,
RA   Nordeen S.K., Miller G.J., Varella-Garcia M.;
RT   "Spectral karyotype (SKY) analysis of human prostate carcinoma cell
RT   lines.";
RL   Prostate 57:226-244(2003).